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I just finished off the little set of toy mice — hooray! The only downside is that I ran out of gray when doing the baby pinkie mouse, so I had to improvise. One ear is pink and black, the arms are black, and the legs and tail are the pink to match the parental mice. I also had to chance colours on the hat and nappy because oh hey, running short on the ‘correct’ colours, but that’s fine. The set is done, it looks pretty cute, and it will either sit around being cute here, or go be cute at someone elses’ house in the near future.

Today has not been a restful Father’s Day for Z, and I’m annoyed that I’ve been beyond useless. He’s spent most of the day cleaning and cooking in preparation for his parents coming around to dinner, and while that went fabulously… it was still a lot of work. Add in the fact it’s miserably hot and sticky here, and well. It makes a long slog a near impossible slog. And the next couple of days are supposed to be just as bad, if not worse… joy. I could deal with the heat if it was just heat, but this comes with a hefty dose of soul-crushing humidity.

I feel like I should be saying something else, but not what. I definitely don’t have the spoons to deal with the wider issues in the world right now, even if I’m mainly aware of them, in like, the broadest senses. There’s a small part of me that is sad that I can’t deal with being aware anymore, but I’m almost increasingly crippled as time passes, so. *jazz hands tiredly*

For now, I’m going to find another cold drink, and see about starting a gauge square for my next pair of socks.


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