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The weather was hot again today, and is supposed to be hot again tomorrow. And tonight. So last night, we all slept downstairs under the auspices of two ceiling fans and the air conditioner, and it looks like we’ll be doing it again. Z and I are discussing the logistics of it, as we can’t do what we did last night. I claimed the brown couch and woke up with super painful hips from a night of tossing and turning, so I’ll be trying to find some space to Tetris around the girls on the fold-out bed of the other couch. As it were, I might aim to try and get to sleep earlier rather than later… we’ll see. It’s certainly a part of why I started on this even earlier than I normally would!

And yes, I’ve started on the next pair of socks. The initial ribbing is interesting, and I look forward to seeing how it segues into the actual pattern in a few more rows. I don’t know if I’m going to get that far tonight even if it’s not that much knitting, as I’m fuzzy brained and tired (and wouldn’t it be smart to harness things for a bit of sleep). Well. That requires the couch being available to crash out on, and it’s not yet. *stifles a yawn*

Tomorrow is gonna be a watching the news, smirking a bit sort of day. The Queen’s speech is scheduled, and the DUP supporting the Tories doesn’t look that firmed up yet. What does look firmed up is pretty much everyone else trying to load up the amendments to tear down May’s shaky throne. We’ll see. I’m giggling and pleased that I have some slightly sweet popcorn to make while watching it, ’cause yanno, it’s apparently my signature move lately to legit have popcorn to watch train wrecks.


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