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We came, we voted, we… got a hung Parliament. I’m somehow okay with this — to a point. That Despicable May has chosen to form a government with the DUP, and not even able to make a ‘proper’ coalition of it… well. As people pointed out today, the fact she’s having to rely on non-English MPs for various legislation makes it harder to do things like sell off the NHS, as that’s devolved to each country. I need to check on my own to see whether or not it’s a matter of respect or law that stops non-English MPs from voting on English-only legislation. I feel like I should know, that it was a thing that has been codified since I’ve gotten here, but right now I’m too tired to really want to deal with braining about it. It’s enough that I managed to watch the news for a bit and take on some of the various swirl of opinions and thoughts going on about what we can expect in the next couple of months. My money is on May getting booted out of leadership at the very least, so we’ll see what the party conference brings.

Today’s playdate has been rescheduled for Monday, which I am way okay with. I was feeling workier than not, and Monday is my ‘off’ day, so I’m not getting any more behind than I was going to in the first place. I’m looking forward to it though; I told her to bring her knitting along with her planned sandwiches, and we’ll chill. Smallhausen is a bit put out that this is happening while she’s at school, but never mind. Maybe they’ll still be here when she gets home, or maybe not. If she doesn’t properly make their acquaintance next week, she will soon enough.

Beyond that, I’ve been making myself practice knitting right-handed this evening. My little swatch is pretty tidy all told, but I still find it awkward and weird. I mean, I have no intention of ever switching it up and becoming a right-handed knitter, but I like trying to keep basic ability in it to help friends who are learning.

And speaking of knitting, I found out last night what was up with the colour progression of my wool. It turns out they just sort of randomly felted together the maroon to the sea green at a random point. I just sort of held it up and gave it a momentary dirty look before knitting onward. It’s sort of annoying that it means I’ve lost the continued gradient, but it’s also sort of nice that it’s so abrupt. I’m not about to fiddle with the remaining wool to attempt to get anything to match up any differently. No, I’m going to keep on with it, because that means I can move on and do other things (while wearing said socks, aww yiss).

I hope the weather holds and is nice tomorrow, because tomorrow is Knit in Public Day. E and I are pencilled in to go down by the river and hang out there. We did that once last summer and it was a grand time, so doing it again sounds pretty nice. I’ve not firmed up any details yet, but that’s fine. We’ll make it up as we’re going along tomorrow. And in that regard, I’m sort of glad that the playdate got bumped — three days in a row of socialising might have been too much. Having a break between days works much better for me.

Right, so —

I’m off!


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