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Today’s picture comes to you via Littlerbit deciding she was the one taking the picture. She managed to crank the exposure right up, so we look even paler than we actually are (which, to be fair, is pretty damned pale). I was actually trying to get a picture with both of the girls, as I have less pictures of Smallhausen, but she decided I was offending her by being in her space and trying to include her.

Oh well.

Smalls has been hardcore rocking the grumpy vibe today. Z figures she’s just a bit tired and worn out, and that is what could be feeding it. He’s probably right. I’m feeling pretty worn out today as well. The riparian knitting that was supposed to happen didn’t, and I wasn’t inclined to push to make it happen. I actually hit a point where I was shaking, which I couldn’t pin to anything. Maybe I was really hungry? I’m starting to think that my body chemistry has picked up a new problem, whether it be thyroid or diabetes or something. I should probably see about getting booked in for some bloodwork to be on the safe side. I’ve not had ’em done in ages, and it seems like proper self-care to keep an eye on that.

Now, I might not have made it down to the river to knit, but I did knit. In fact, I’m on the toe of the sock. I think that I should be able to easily knock it out tonight, which is yay. Getting it done means I can grace my feet with them.

I also found out that my BFFFFF bat is going to come a-visiting later this year. I’m excited. My friends are excited. I look forward to lots of people getting to meet him — within reason. I also look forward to us vegging out and knitting and being generally in each other’s company. The plans are far from settled, but the basic ‘it’s happening’ is in place. Awww yiss.

Right, back to watching Dr. Who, and trying to finish mah sock.



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