Nearly, but Not Quite!

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Looking at the ball of wool, and looking at the first sock, I think I can safely say that they’re not going to end up near identical. I’m fine with that though, more than fine with it. I’m pretty sure I’ve said it any number of times, but one of the joys of variegated wools (to me) is the little differences amongst the ‘same’. So the second sock having a different coloured toe is just going to be a nifty little thing.

Today is the General Election, and quite possibly the most ill thought-out one since I moved here. And by ‘quite possibly’, I mean ‘most definitely’. I  have no illusions about the Tories being shoved out of power and the country being saved from destruction, but I certainly can hope. I’m keeping my head down and avoiding the news and politics because whatever happens tomorrow morning, I’m going to want all the spoons I can find to cope with it. If it’s good news, then yay, I might have extra spoons. If it’s bad news, and it probably will be, maybe it’ll help keep me from curling up in a ball and firing the universe. Much like the election in the States that put Trump into power, I fear for friends here who will likely die because of regressive, anti-people policies.

((Sigh? Sigh.))

At least I’m out with friends tonight. I know that none of them are really going to want to talk about politics, so it should be a relaxing night. Aaand time has gotten away from me, so I’m off.


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