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Yes, the sky was actually that bright and blue without me needing to help it. In fact, I couldn’t actually see what I was trying to photograph when I did — because it was too bright for me to be able to see my phone properly. So yanno, lucky me that a semi-decent picture came of it, ha ha

Really though, I was taking it to send to someone, and I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Ja and I are tentatively pencilled in for a picnic/playdate on Friday, and I wanted to show her that we have ample facilities here for purpose. I should probably also point out (because I haven’t remembered to yet) that I am lacking in the endurance to make it to the park and back without hurting myself. It’s not a far-far distance, and if I had to-had to do it, I could probably manage… but I’d be feeling it. Even with taking a walking stick for the school run, I still have back pain (though it goes a long way towards making it bearable).

There’s also the whole ‘Ohai, I am an introvert, I am happiest in my space, please come into my space’. I’m not sure that’s a concept that scans well unless one is talking to another introvert, but there you go. Add the whole chronic illness thing to that, and why would I leave a place that is comfortable and suited to my needs? I get that it might come off as selfish, or not wanting to inconvenience myself, but there you go. If anyone wanted to actually think that about me, then they’re probably not someone that I need to waste time or energy on. Not that I think Ja is going to be a problem at all — she’s a candid individual and I think that we’re starting on a clear and pleasant foundation.

Past that… the election is tomorrow. I’m trying to distract myself because I suspect there will be a part of me that is a wreck until the fallout on Friday. I want to fervently believe that Theresa May has dug her own grave and that people will band together to try and get the ship back to shore. I’ve seen some friends who have previously espoused the ‘well not going to vote because nobody matches me 100%’ get the fuck over that childish shit and realise that they have to actually do something, which is pleasing. At this point, really, all I want is Theresa May out, and I’m not sure I care how it happens — just as long as it happens. But I’m not counting on it, because Trump happened and Abbott happened and just because my friends care about people doesn’t mean enough people care about people.

Bleh. I’m going to go knit. *pets wool and coos*


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