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If there is one thing that continues to delight me about living in the United Kingdom, it’s that there are a metric crapton of rainbows. And it doesn’t matter how many there are, because each one makes me jump up and take pictures and make happy noises. Realising this one was a double, of course, way notched up the excitement. We had a measly singleton two days ago and no rain, while today has been all the rain and gusting, and then rainbows. And now it’s all clear again, ha ha. What can I say, the Texan and the Brit in me both love weather more than is probably reasonable.

Of course, my joy belies waking up and feeling like my head had been stoved in. I don’t know what the frack had happened, but I was in that state where being talked at was painful and I would not have minded being short a head. It got a little better, though mainly I did my usual keeping busy to ignore it sort of thing. It’s what one does when dealing with chronic illnesses — finding ways to distract from them.  Kiddo was cared for, work was done, writing occurred… it’s a decent list of accomplishments by any metric. I guess that there’s always going to be a part of me that wishes that I had even a fragment of what I had in childhood to work with, energy-wise. But eh. It’s easy to get bitter focusing on what has passed, so not really worth wasting the energy… not that I have a lot to spare at the best of times 🙂

For now, I’ve got Batman (one of our cats) sitting on the back of my chair being weird, so I should probably pay attention to him.


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