Let’s Go All the Way

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I continue to feel optimistic that I am going to end up with mainly matching socks somehow. I’m not fussed if I do, but I feel like it earns me ninja points or something, ha ha. If I were truly fussed about that sort of thing, I could have acquired two 50g skeins and tried to match starting points… but what’s the fun in that? Part of the joy of variegated wool is, to me, seeing what happens as the wool goes on.

The kiddos and I had a very chill day, both figuratively and literally. With the windows open and the fans on, it was chilly enough for me to want a tee shirt over a camisole, and something on my arms as well. I’m happier with something applying pressure to my skin, so this has been brilliant in that regard. The girls had lap blankets and spaced out on the couch, which… perfect in my book, ha ha. I did Small’s nails as I do all/most holidays per her request, and did mine as well on the back of that. I’ve already made a bleeding chipped to bits mess of it, but as much as I like polish, it doesn’t like sticking to me for that long. *chuckles*

That’s about it for today, really. We’re going to curl up and watch Lucifer, and I’ll deal with tomorrow when it comes. It’ll come with juggling childrens and trying to get work done, but at least it’s only for a week…  until the full summer break in July. xD


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