Treasure Hunting

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The wall outside the church/graveyard. I somehow had missed how spiffy it looked the last time we were here.

When my youngest sister and her husband were visiting us a few years back on their babymoon, they got us started on the whole geocaching thing. Smalls refers to it as treasure hunting, which is accurate enough. Z decided that the weather was the right level of overcast and not raining to get out and work on a few we’d been previously pursuing in a nearby village, so we did that. Of the two options of the table (the other being going to the retail park on this, a bank holiday Monday :s), well… suffices to say, this is the one I was down with cancelling my vow of immobility for, ha ha. We only ended up finding one of the three we were tracking, but we’ll research between now and our next outing and see if we can lock down those two better.

We finally got some proper rain a bit ago. I can’t decide if it feels better or worse for it. We need it, so I guess it’s good. The rest of the week originally was forecast for rain as well, but now seems to have slipped into various degrees of ‘cloudy’. I’ll take that as ‘who the eff knows’, ha ha.

Right, that’s about it. Tomorrow starts the week of children hanging off of me. Wish me luck or something? It’ll probably be fine though — they’re good kiddos (even if they are currently making huge stompy noises that belie the whole ‘go the eff to sleep‘ thing they’re supposed to be doing).


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