Hippie Feet

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We went around to my in-law’s house, and I got the urge to take my shoes off and wander in the garden. Theirs is ridiculously huge by British standards, and fairly generous even by a Texan’s standards. They acquired a paddock from a neighbour at a steep discount ages ago, so there’s a long stretch to wander about and wiggle toes in. This was next to the apple trees; I figured taking a shot somewhere I could hide my toenails would be the most artistic way of doing this, ha ha. What can I say — they’re normal person toenails, which means they’re a bit rubbish to look at. xD

It was nice to be there, but it’s nice to be back. The only fan in their house is upstairs in a bedroom, so being back under mine is bliss. I always find their house really hot anyways, though I seem to be the odd one out there. Ah well.

Really, for now? Just waiting for the rain. Everything else can pass me by.


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