There’s So Much Fun In…

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Yes, I took took vast amusement at Emperor Tang’s questionable late-night half-tweet. I ended up creating this image here, as well as another one you can find on (one of my) my Twitter account.

I’m back at the later time of ‘whups, should be in bed’ because I lost track of time before going out knitting. E stayed in to recover from her trip abroad, so I solo’d it. I almost stayed in to watch the debate ’cause I’m that sort of a geek I am, but it was nice to get out and chat with folks. We had a returning new member making her second session, so I talked her ear off and eventually remembered to apologise and ask questions in return. She was quick to assure me that I wasn’t getting on her tits, but still — disordered brain forgets some of the normal person niceties sometimes.

It was good chatting though, and a big enough group this time that everyone was able to make the rounds without too much friction. I got glared at once that I know of, but otherwise, everyone was on their best behaviour. Really, I don’t care if someone dislikes me, but I still expect myself and others to act like grown-ups for the sake of the group. If someone doesn’t want to like me, or talk to me, that’s fine — I’m not out to force conversation for spite’s sake. Everyone is welcome as far as I am concerned — as long as they can act like adults. I get the impression from many friends that I’m a bit too nice about it, but what can I say. I am a staunch believer in the Golden Rule and karma, and I will try my best to be kind and/or polite as I can manage. But also, the mantra I share with three of the dearest people I know — nolite te bastardes carborundorum. If, *IF* I were to get another tattoo, I’d have to join two of those three in getting some version of that put on me.

Right, brain is going noodly, so I should tuck it into bed. I’ve got another day of child wrangling (it’s going well!), and work (not quite as well) tomorrow.



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