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I looked up earlier today and spotted Poison bathing herself most assiduously, so of course I had to take a million pictures of it due to cute factor. I think this was actually the first one, which met the criteria of ‘lots of flashing tongue’.  But like, so cute.  Add in that she was pretty quiet today, and that was even better, ha ha.

The toddler, on the other hand, was still pretty clingy. It was better today though ’cause the work-work I needed to do post-haste was mainly done yesterday. Mainly. I wasn’t feeling nearly as stressed out as I was yesterday by the time Z got home, to say the least. And, extra sweet, Smallhausen made sure that I was fine when she got home as well. I’m blessed to have such an understanding and caring family, I really am.

Still, even with the ‘easy’ flow of the day, I’m completely blasted. I guess yesterday took more out of me than I had to give, so I’m feeling it after the fact. It was a good night though. E and I curled up in our corner, chatted our heads off, and made with some constructive knitting. She’s currently making a present for someone, as well as a worry monster for charity. I got to help at a part whree she had to cast on more stitches to make the om nom mouth part, which was yay (if only for the fact I didn’t eff it up and get teased, ha ha).

Anyhoos, I am only like, 2 rows from finishing the knitting on my hat, so I should probably sit down and get that finished. Later!


2 thoughts on “Toebeans

  1. Tracey Roberts

    Looking forward to seeing your finshed hat and E’s worry monster….havnt started a worry monster yet, will come to you guys to help me when i finally decide to start it lol x

    1. Raeyn Post author

      Hers is looking awesome. It’s in pink sparkly wool. I should totally do one as well once I get the hat done and figure out what I’m doing next. xx


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