A Lovely Sunny Day

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Well okay, back in Texas the high 50s wouldn’t be anything to write home about, but once this end of the planet tilts closer to the sun, its effects are significantly fiercer than mere numbers would explain. It was pleasant to be out in, and the girls spent a lot of time out there today. It was also the grand opening of the sandpit at its new location, a fact they both appreciated, and made repeated use of. As said — I love that our back garden is becoming a nice child-friendly haven for them to go hang out in.

As for me, I sat on my arse outside of 250~ steps an hour, ha ha. I’ve just dinked 5,000, and just have one more hour’s worth of puttering to do. I’ve been taking advantage of the cleared kitchen to just sort of pace around the table while playing Freecell on my phone; it keeps my brain from screaming about the whole this is boring staaahp that it does. I *think* I slept better and woke up more cleanly for yesterday, so we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Most of that arse-sitting has been gaming. The shawl thing is just so… boring, ha ha. I mean, casting off isn’t the most fun, but this is tedious and requires more thinking than I wish to apply right now. It looks great and is beautifully stretchy, so I can see why the pattern designer picked it, but still. Still.

Right, I should give the shawl a funny look and try to work on it a bit.


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