One of Those Busy Days

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Today, I got it into my head to try and do the 250+ steps an hour that Fitbit was suggesting. I suspect that I am going to regret it tomorrow, but it seemed worth it to see if it can help my crippled ass develop some endurance. I also used it as impetuous to get my butt in gear and get the kitchen table cleared. Between myself and Z, we rediscovered said table, and enjoyed a meal sitting around it properly. It was grand.

As for the picture tharr, Poison has taken to sitting on the making table. Littler had come over because Smalls was there putting some things away, and she decided she wanted to pet Poison. Poison was pretty patient about it, and even gave a hand inspection. She’s been a lot more tolerant of the children these days; Batman still is more skittish than not.

I finished knitting the last row of the shawl, and started casting it off. It uses a variation on the Russian cast-off, which is fussy and slow and makes me not want to deal with it. But I should, ’cause when it’s done, it’s done.

Right, I’m going to try to make myself do that, and watch The Last Leg. Ta-ra!


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