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Today, I had to make the hike to fetch Littlerbit on my own. It’s not much of a hike for someone not suffering from chronic fatigue; it’s a little over half a mile round trip. But this time, I threw my hands in the air and took a walking stick. I’m glad I did. It’s hard to quantify how much it helped when I was still achy upon getting home, and have been fog-exhausted, but it was still something. And I also made a point to slow my pace down, which might have helped me, but definitely helped Littler be able to make her leg of the trip home.

I was also fairly productive in the work aspect of things. D had emailed me some things he wanted me to prioritise, so I put my head together with Z to figure out the best way to meet those tasks. Which is to say, we’re currently working on developing a standardised format on statements for our clients, which is probably really boring to most people, but we derive some degree of pleasure from making things shinier.

I realised this afternoon that I am actually on the last row of the shawl. Seriously, IT IS (almost) DONE. Then I will have to decide whether I’m ready for my third attempt to make this hat happen, or to pick up some of my pretty pretty wool and get more socks going. Yesssh, socks…

Anyways, cross your fingers for me that I feel mainly human tomorrow.


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