Placid Skies

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The ‘outside my window’ has been varying degrees of cloudy since the early afternoon. There was a time or two I thought that the heavens were going to open, but alas, the most that occurred was a few drops. As long as it doesn’t rain when I have to pick up Littler tomorrow — that’s about as far as my brain is able to brain in regards to weather making wet happen.

It HAS been pretty chilly today though. I actually turned my ceiling fan off because my hands were stiff from the draught. I ended up applying the heating pad to take the edge off… getting old or something, ha ha. It doesn’t help that my chronic fatigue is feeling through the roof because the whole having to like, human yesterday. I expect I’m going to feel the same again Saturday… but we’ll see. Maybe it’ll be fine.

Last night was a lovely time out. I made the mistake of trying to work on the shawl and immediately made a mistake, so I switched to the hat… only to realise that I’m probably not going to have enough wool to go the distance even with going to smaller needles. There was a new woman there and she suggested cutting it with another colour, which duh. Brilliant. Why did I not think of that, etc. Having said that, the wool I’m using is really nice wool I got from Knitpicks, and I don’t have something that I’d deep to be quite the match. I’m probably going to go with some cream alpaca that my lovely friend Lori sent me a couple of years ago. I’ve not pulled it out yet, but I think the gauge should probably match nicely, and I can’t see why that colour combination would be anything but adorable. So yes, put that aside, and then finished off a blanket square that had been languishing in my bag. I wanted to start another one, but pawing through stitch libraries were not yielding anything that worked with the 28 stitches I was using for gauge. That’s fine though, as the wool I’m trying to use up right now is rainbow, so plain stitching is probably for the best for now.

For this exact moment, we’ve got the finale of The Expanse to watch, so I want to grab a beverage and get on with that.



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