Another Beginning

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Being the one I’ve been nattering on for ages, of course — Littlerbit starting school. Z reports that she happily settled and blew him off when he dropped her off, and she ran to us happy when we arrived to pick her up. She was flagging on the walk back, but not gonna lie, my crippled ass was too. I told her that both of us were going to have to work hard and build up some stamina. Having said that, she got home and played on the trampoline and her slide for a bit… and then zonked out for a little nap. So yeah, I’d say she’s had a good day. I expect her to strop a bit tomorrow morning when she realises she isn’t going to school, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

I realised today that someone blocked me on Facebook… and I laughed a lot. Oh no, someone who goes out of their way to antagonise me, who isn’t even my friend, doesn’t want to see my posts! I mean, what am I supposed to be feeling? Angst that I’m unliked? Bah. You can’t be liked by everyone, and being the weird-ass ultra black sheep I am, I’m beyond used to that. But still, fair enough. I use my block button a fair bit, so I don’t actually hold it against anyone else using it. But I can still find it funny.

The back garden has been slowly morphing into something kid-awesome, and that makes me super happy. We moved the sand pit frame to it’s new location, though there’s still a bit of preparation that needs to be done before it’s ready to play in again. We were originally going to put the trampoline where the sandpit was, but we’re happy with it being on the grass for now. And of course, there’s still the slides and the handful of lawn games that Z bought, so they’ve been able to make more fun for themselves out there. And since most of it is in view of the window, and I can hear anything that needs hearing through a cracked window, they’re safe behind fences and ‘free’ of us. But we still like to go sit outside with them too and take in the weather, so. I predict that we’re going to have a fairly pleasant summer out there.

For now, I should probably make a vague effort to get packed up to go out in an hour.


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