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I finally (as of last week)  had purchased a replacement chain for the one that had broken. So now my spoons and my rings have a proper home; they’re looking good resting next to the knittin’ kitten. Having said that, it was attempt #2 at buying a chain, because the first one I bought was too short. Thankfully, I had a second jar of spoons, so I loaded that up and gifted it to Smallhausen. Even if she’s only worn it for a few minutes, she really likes having something that matches something I have (more or less).

I haven’t gotten a lot of progress done on casting off the shawl, but I still wanted to show its watermelon-y slice-y goodness. I also need to sit down and unwind the hat… and think about unchipping my desk mess. Maybe I can get my head around it tomorrow, seeing how I don’t have to leave the house. Gah, only day this week I won’t have to leave the house. ><

For now, I’m going to bundle up in my robe and zone out to television. We’re still working through our Murphy Brown watch-through. I loved it as a kid, and I thought Z would enjoy it as well. I was right, hee hee.


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