A Rather Long Day in Very Few Words

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Hookay, so. Went into the office today. Got some of the things done we wanted to get done, but not all of the things. I kept saying that I’d work on things tomorrow not realising that it was a four day weekend. Yeah, we’ll worry about that stuff next week then. *cough*

While at the office, and once I got home, my laptop decided to start screaming like a banshee. We think that the heat sensor falsely triggered itself and might be knackered, so Z might well take it back to the shop next week to be looked at. We’ll see. It appeared to be doing it specifically when being booted up plugged into the mains, so.

Knitting was really, really good tonight. I got most of a row done with little fubaring, and the company was excellent. The potential problem people were elsewhere, so everyone was having a grand time chatting and socialising and not crafting that much on the whole. One of the group co-founders brought her daughters with for the night, so that was pretty cool, even if I didn’t really interact with them.

But yes, four day weekend. I am going to relish that little bit of sleeping in tomorrow morning. I’m going to get a start on that whole sleeping thing now. Ta-ra!


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