Really? Really?!

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I’m sitting here, doing my thing, when suddenly — BLAM, depression via body chemistry. I’m so not impressed. As I said to Z, and he knows — I’ve no reason to be depressed right now. I’ve had a nice day of gaming and fighting with my knitting (tl;dr not taking the shawl out to knitting again xD), the kids have been not-butts, etc etc etc. I mean, I figured it would probably happen ’cause I was feeling hypomanically happy a few days ago, but still. Rude. This too shall pass, and will hopefully not get any worse. And if it does, I’ll phone up my psychiatrist and get in to see her as soon as she can find a space for me.

Ah well, at least I can be cheered by watching The Expanse. I’d completely forgotten we had an episode in the bag. So yanno, off I flee.


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