Selfie Queens

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If there is one thing that Littlerbit loves to do, it’s to take selfies. As it’s my BFFFFF bat’s birthday and he loves getting selfies as presents, I let her jab her finger at my screen a couple of times to see what we could random up. I rather like this one, even if we’re both mainly out of frame. I think it captures the fun we were having at that moment.

Littler in and of herself had a pretty good day. She hung out and did her thing, I did my work thing, and she didn’t ‘need’ me until it was nearly time for Z and Smallhausen to get home. And then she climbed into my lap and refused to shift. I guess that was mainly okay; I’d gotten most of the work I wanted to get done done. And really, I extra need to take these snuggles while I can. She has her ‘first’ day of school tomorrow. It’s actually just a two hour session where she can wander about and play with the other kids while we find out whatever we need to find out, but still — it’s a landmark.

Right, onward to knitting and The Expanse.


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