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It was a Stitch ‘n Bitch night, and I am very tired. I had an unexpected run-in with someone (completely unrelated to the knitting group), and while it was a polite exchange, I was shaking like a leaf for it. That sort of thing wears a spoonless lass out by a vast measure, and I just want to sleeeeep foreeever. I also want to do that to avoid dealing with figuring out what mistake I made in my knitting, ha ha. I’ll get that sorted out tomorrow. The only knitting ‘victory’ I had was sorting out something for E, which she promptly messed up. But that’s okay too — I can hope that she can take what I showed her and use it to improve her own knitting (which is pretty good, even if she thinks otherwise).

Anyways, here’s me and Batman earlier. I had either him, or Littler attached to me most of the day. He was cold, and she was feeling poorly. She was better by the time I left, but still. Makes me wonder if I should figure out some way to slap her toddler butt in a sling so I can have my arms back, ha ha.

Right, to bed.


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