Taking a Detour

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While the shawl is proceeding along nicely, I’ve decided that I really want to finish my hat and get it out of the bottom of my bag. I’m loving the shawl because it’s fun and varied, but also being amused that suddenly ‘normal’ knitting holds less appeal. That’s not been a problem before. Well. I don’t know that it’s a problem here either; the thing most likely to be a problem is that I’m doing the hat in pure wool, and I tend to get it all over myself in the most scritch-tastic rashion. Fashion. *cough*

My laptop has finally hit the noise threshold again where I’m willing to accept that it needs to go into the shop. Z had apparently reminded me a couple of times only to receive demurrals; I only remember saying it was fine for the moment once, but there is every chance I responded without processing I responded. *doinks ADHD brain* I made it worse trying to make it better, which is sort of embarrassing. Hopefully they can get the fan changed out for one that isn’t stupid, in addition to any other maintenance that might be required.

I’m going to wrap this up because we’re watching the season one finale of The Expanse, and I want to be able to shut this down if it starts going all loud-y again. Have a good evening!


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