Sugar and Maybe Miracles

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I’m feeling a bit rocked by some maybe good news right now. bat told me that Mom might be coming home. Which means that hey, not only mom at home, but not losing the home that is our home. I don’t know that it’s going to happen for sure, but shit. I’ve actually been praying, which is not my norm. But I’ll keep it up until she’s home, and I ask anyone of you guys out there reading to pray or think good thoughts as fits your modus operandi. I just want Mom to be home. Mom wants to be home. The universe needs to make it so *clap clap*.

((if anyone is confused, Mom = bat’s mom, who is also my mom.))

So yeah, there’s that.

I needed a tiny bright spot, let’s be honest. I’ve been rocking a headache all day, and further headache was added in seeing that Parliament voted overwhelmingly for Brexit. Sigh. It’s all fiddling while Rome burns, innit. I am not optimistic that it is going to go well for us, and I will continue to do everything I can to fight against things that seem like bad ideas for the country, it only goes so far when politicians doesn’t seem to give a flying fuck about what their constituents think. I know here, and in the States that districts are gerrymandered within an inch of their life, robbing many many people of their voices.

Beyond that, it’s been a bit of the same old same old. Some work vaguely got done, childcare was managed, and the game of the day is Prison Architect. Z had tried his hand at it some time back and thought it would be up my alley. And he’s right — I’ve been playing all of two or three days and I’ve clocked more hours and experience than he has. I’m torn between wondering if I’ve eked all the fun out, or if I’m just going to keep playing for days… probably the latter. I know that my eyes and hands keep drifting over to fiddle with things, hee hee.

So yeah, back to that.



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