Buttmail and Other Things

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I still haven’t gotten my outgoing mail outgoing, naughty naughty. I realised today that was in part because I didn’t have the packing materials to hand and my brain couldn’t find an extra spoon to futz with that at the Post Office, even if people are super-polite about that in the queue. I found a box in the kitchen suitable for one of the parcels, and Z is going to pick up a padded envelope from work for me tomorrow to send the other one (soon kitten, soon!).

Littlerbit being brutally adorable

And speaking of spoons, I managed to use one in a very productive way today. I forced myself to call one of my Senators about the Betsy DeVos confirmation hearing. Cornhole (‘better’ known as John Cornyn) is actually on the fence about her, and is reputed to be taking a tally based on people calling in with their opinion. So I took a deep breath and did it. It took all of a few seconds and might have a bigger affect than all my petition signing. I’m going to try to make a few more calls in the next couple of days, and will probably use 5 Calls to help guide me. We’ll see. A lot of them are calling my Senators over and over again, hence wanting to space it out… we’ll see. The site is great though, and even offers basic scripts to help you out, so if you’re a US voter, do think about giving it a go.

Tonight was supposed to be knitting, but I had forgotten that the pub was closed for renovations. That’s fine, I was happy either way. I’m still sitting here working on the tiny socks, and trying to think what to do next. That’s probably going to be socks for me using my SweetGeorgia Bulletproof, but I also ‘need’ to make a KnitPicks order. They have a wool bowl that I really fancy at a great price, so if I spend x amount more, I get free shipping. I’m a sucker for giving more money than shipping to get free shipping, ha ha. They’ve got a pink/red sale on here in the run-up to Valentine’s Day, and I love me some red especially for clothing. I’m going to go have a good wallow in that… now!


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