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That’s der-fach-che to you, ha ha. I had a lack of pictures on my phone, so I figured I’d take a silly selfie. After all, people are more likely to read things in if there’s some sort of picture right? <__<

Today has been one of those days where I have negative focus. I couldn’t get my head into work mode for the life of me, though that was stymied by Littlerbit and a constant stream of ‘Look Mommy, look!’ (so cute), and Batman being clingy and climby and needy as well. Like, I didn’t finish my 750 words entry until we were getting the girls ready for bed — that’s how behind myself and unfocused I was. I tell myself that I’ll do better tomorrow, but it was slightly annoying today because I had a work dream wherein I got blasted for being lazy. I wasn’t that phased by it, but it was still weird; I can’t think of a time I’ve had a work dream in ever.

Physically, I think I was feeling a little bit better. I didn’t have to take anything for my head, though that only means that it was a level of pain I could ignore/tolerate rather than pain-free. It’s hurting a bit more now that I’m thinking about it, but I also seem to be clenching my jaw. Eh. Can’t win, but at least I can try to chuckle about it.

I’m going to go zone out now. Current game of choice is Prison Architect. I started playing it yesterday and it’s fun so far. I’m kind of rubbish at it, but that’s okay. Nobody can be a game ninja from the get-go.


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