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Well, I’m happy that I finished the socks. I look forward to wearing them in the next day or two. No, what I’m not impressed with is my phone. I love my phone, but apparently the camera doesn’t work now. Outside of snapping shots of my 3DS and the Shiny Pokémon I’d gleaned today, the socks were the last picture I took before my phone camera decided that it didn’t work anymore. I might ask Z to help me track down a possible solution, though I fear it might be the whole buying a new phone thing instead. Feh. Stubborn me will take pictures with an actual (digital) camera instead and go from there.

Taken with a digital camera, like a Barbarian xD

Over the holiday, Z has been working hard to try and get Littlerbit sleep trained. She is fighting tooth and nail, but some of it is sticking after a fashion. For example, tonight I went and I tucked them both in. Where the littlest had been trying to whack me in the face to deny the concept of bedtime, I actually got a kiss tonight and no face whacks. She was still protesting it, but most of the sounds that were coming from upstairs were children rampaging cheerfully. At this point, I think we’ll take it. If they’re wearing themselves down and getting to sleep that way… well, can’t complain as long as they’re sleeping. And despite the fight at this end of the night, they’ve been getting up at 7, so. They’re probably doing fine in the rest department on the whole. Still, it would be nice for Z to be able to get uninterrupted sleep.

Of course, typing that means the little one is sobbing at the gate again. Sod’s Law, innit.


Catching ‘Em All

Today, I have caught a grand total of 3 Pokémon. But you know what? All three were Shiny. I’ve been half-assedly letting SOS Battles keep rolling until they spit out a Shiny while doing other things, like my knitting. I’d pre-stocked something like 400 Leppa Berries in addition to healing supplies. That it is working encourages me to continue, and the fact that SOS Battles going on longer raise the chance of better IVs/stats… well. Two of today’s haul were rated Outstanding, and one ‘merely’ Relatively Superior. That strikes me as a good place to start with breeding and/or settling up a proper battle team… if I actually want to try my hand again at one of the competitions.

Past that, just trying to wait this stupid cold/being sick out. I don’t feel any particularly worse today, but I also hit myself with pain relief and VapoRub fairly early on. If I can manage another night of good (or what passes for good) sleep, I’ll hopefully rate as mainly human tomorrow. At least, human enough to tend to the toddler, as yanno, back to ‘normal’ ops.


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