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I have no idea what the frack is going on, but my phone seems to have bit it. Well. The things that I do it I can’t do, which pretty much circumvents the whole phone part of it that I don’t use. To get my Instagram fix, I’ve been using my long-neglected digital camera + Bluestacks. But like… it’s not a hardware issue, it’s a software issue. I’ve tried a couple of things short of a factory reset, but at this point, I’m thinking that might be what it comes down to. I don’t know. I might see if Z can chase anything up, as he reports his phone has been acting a bit funny too. Blergh, at least my socks are awesome?

Scarf Party!

After a hold-up in greedy-ass Customs, B’s gifts for me and the girls finally arrived. She made us each an individual tote, pencil case/make-up bag, scarf, and lip balm, and each to our own colour scheme. I didn’t get a picture of Smallhausen here, but her scarf is orange, blue, and white and she is thrilled by this, and by lip balm. If she’s picked up any of my idiosyncrasies, it’s a desire to apply copious amounts of lip balm, ha ha. Littlerbit was just happy to have things to adorn herself with. I’m not big on wearing neck adornment outside of outside warmth, but this totally makes good decoration without causing duress. Yeah, I get really stressed out if anything is touching the front of my neck, so, the whole scarf/shawl thing is new and ‘exciting’ ground for me.

Past that, I’m making a cheerful botch of knitting toy mice. That first one so far looks like a kind of depressed alien, but it will probably hopefully be better once I get the clothing on it. If not, well, I’ll try to sneak a few more stitches alongside the head/neck join, maybe see if I can uncant it. I’m not too fussed one way or the other, as toys aren’t exactly my forte. It’s just a fun way for me to make a toy-shaped mess and learn more about how to knit.

Past that, we’re attempting to actually watch some television. We’ve not had a chance for a couple of weeks with the whole sleep training thing. Z has sort of surrendered to letting the girls wind down on their own methodology after reading them stories, which (at day two) seems to be working fairly well… fingers crossed, right? Littlerbit made me grin when I was tucking them in though. I asked her if she wanted Smalls to sleep with her, and she replied, ‘No. My bed!’. So she’s getting the idea, one way or the other. Smalls is being a serious champ about it all.

Now I return to the never-ending Pokémon battle. Like legit, I’ve been in the same battle all freaking day against Spinaraks. I’ve probably rolled over the 255 count and started again, but darn it, I’m going to stick with it until I either run out of potions and berries or my brain explodes. I suspect the latter is more likely.



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