Nearly There (Times Two)

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Today has been a fairly productive day, hobby-wise. My Pokédex nears completion; I am only four shy of 100% at this moment (now three shy, as one just arrived via GTS). I am now trying my luck to get one more of the four via the trade system, but the other two are 100% a functioning of levelling. Well. I could get my Lucario via levelling as well, but that also requires the Riolu I just acquired to have adequate friendship, and anyways. I might just try to see if I can shake out a Lucario via SOS Battles while levelling up my Dratini to Dragonite. I’m not counting on getting it done tonight before I go to bed, but it would certainly be nice! For now, baby Riolu is tucked up on Isle Avue (yes, groan at the pun), so one way or another that evolution chain will be sorted by tomorrow.

Also nearing completion is Sock #2 of 2. I’ve got two rows to go before I start on the toe decreases, also known as the next rainbow portion. I don’t think I’m going to finish that tonight either, but it’s still pleasing to know that I will be done with this as well tomorrow; tomorrow is the last day of the Christmas holiday. Mind you, I’ll probably be taking Tuesday off as well, there’s something quite pleasing and tidy about finishing two big hobby things on the last day of the holiday break.

Beyond that, level of feeling ill has increased from head cold to cranky gut, so I am like, ticking all the boxes of being sick or something. I mean like, I’m not sick-sick, but I’m low to medium-grade miserable with little sign of it stopping. I know it will eventually, but for now… well, I’ve just spent the last couple of minutes hork-coughing, so that pretty much sums it up!


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