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Today, I encountered my first Shiny Pokémon of Generation VII. Unfortunately, it’s a freaking normal-type looooooser with limited potential. I complained about it on Instagram and actually got a reasonable trade offer… but I turned it down. Even if Dillhole is a dillhole, he’s my first shiny of the generation, and I’m not going to let go of him. I might end up regretting that, ha ha. We’ll see. I’m just pleased that I noticed the effer was Shiny without wiping him out; I keep my audio low, so I completely missed the noise cue.

Past that, just sort of doddering around. I painted my nails; most of them are already chipped. One has completely come off somehow. This reminds me why I switched from normal to doing gels in the first place… I might have to suck it up and park my butt upstairs with my curer and do ’em properly. I also managed to get some minor progress done on chores. I did laundry sorting the moment I got out of bed, which we all tackled after dinner. I got dinner out of the oven, and processed dishes so we’d actually have something to eat on (though I failed by one fork, ha ha).

Anyways, it’s the holiday break now, so hooray for that. Fingers crossed that we all get some R&R, ’cause I know that we’re all knackered!


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