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It’s the alternate Thursday, so it was Pins & Needles time. There were only five us at the group today, which worked out in one aspect — it meant I had more than enough stitch markers to gift. They were well received, and even more so when they twigged that they were handmade by me. Hee. *digs toe into dirt, metaphorically* I was glad to share my handiwork, and hopefully, will have further handiwork to share at a later date.

Now, today seems to be a day of me leaving things on accident. We’d popped around to drop off presents at J’s house, as it was J’s birthday. And as we agreed that we were only gifting the kids for Christmas, j’s present as well. I’d also tossed a bag of stitch markers in for E, but they didn’t make it there. Thankfully, they’re coming around tomorrow to visit briefly and to drop off the gifts for our kids, so I can give them to her then. I’m sure that J will have a cheerfully snide remark to make about it, but that’s what you can expect from a man celebrating his 4th birthday. Erm, 40th. *whistles*

I also, annoyingly, managed to forget to take my pattern to knitting with me. Z very kindly took a picture of it so that I could use it for reference, and that worked fine as long as I conserved the power on my netbook and referred to it there (the image developed hella artefacts and was useless on my phone). I was pretty sure that the slog I was on wouldn’t need the pattern, and I was right. But I figured that it was wiser to be prepared in case I was wrong. I made some good progress, but there’s still a few inches to go before I can get stuck into the second sock. *rubs hands together happily*

Past that, the day was alright. The girls were slight pains in the butt, but that’s yanno, them being their age. On the whole they were good, and I was able to wrap up what work I wanted to get done before Christmas. I know I meant to not work this week, but I ended up deciding to do a few bits, and I’m glad I did. I feel better about how things are shaped up for the new year, and I know that those in the office are as well.

Anyhoos, it is late, and I have been fighting the yawns since 8 or so. Laters!


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