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Smallhausen decided that the window in the stairwell needed a dinosaur yesterday. I commend her choice, as it makes me smile every time I go past. After all, what enhances a household better than a randomly stationed dinosaur? Very little, I’d say.

Today has been better, insomuch that the headache was managed with meds, instead of being so bad that taking something barely made a dent in it. Smalls was happy because I was being less grouchy, which made me smile. I reaffirmed what I told her yesterday — that adults can misbehave and act up as well, and that I was definitely out of line being so shouty. It wasn’t her fault I had a headache, after all. But she’s a pretty darn compassionate kiddo, and we had a good cuddle while we talked about it. I sincerely hope that life does not try to rob her of her empathy and compassion and love for people, because it is absolutely a gift.

Speaking of gifts, the gift poor Z could really use now is the gift of the sleeping child. He managed to get Littlerbit down for a few hours last night and come get some game time, but it’s half eight and… heh, I think I hear him coming down! So that’s not too bad. Fingers crossed that she stays down, because he could use some proper rest. This is a pretty heavy week for him with the whole the entire office being shut next week, so lots of noses to grindstones. Even my initial plan of not working this week to tend to the girls has been shuttered… in part ’cause working helped me ignore my headache, but now that I’m into the ‘normal’ weekly grind I feel like keeping it up to see what I can get done and dusted. It’s probably for the best; as much as I want to work on my knitting as well, I can feel my back playing up right now. Working means less knitting, means less strain on those muscles.

Anyways, I should go strain ’em with more Pokémon Moon, now with a bit of Civilization VI on the side.


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