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img_20161017_202201138We went shopping on Saturday, and this is what I came away with (in addition to the ice cream pictured yesterday). What can I say, I’m a mature adult. *whistles* Not that I am one to moralise about anyone’s eating or snacking habits. Yeah, we probably all eat too much processed sugar, but whatever. It’s delicious, and my feet aren’t falling off. So.

img_20161017_202139506For my ‘day off’, I didn’t get a lot of knitting done. I kept sort of circling back to my gaming. I was finishing off a game of Civilization II: The Test of Time earlier, and then decided I was bored. So I patched up Diablo III and decided against it pretty much as soon as I loaded it up. So now I’ve got Minecraft up on my desktop, and have reloaded Sims 3 on my laptop. I’ve got a Legacy going, and it crashed earlier, so I waited a few hours before coming back around to it so I wouldn’t be quite as bothered by lost progress. It’s quite a juggling act for the start of a Legacy. My founding Sim’s lifetime wish was to be an International Super Spy, and that was managed. Her spouse, because I didn’t check his lifetime wish in advance, wanted to be Surrounded by Family. That’s raising five+ kids if you’re not into the Sims franchise, by the by. So I’ve got seven Sims in my house, and because I’m me, that requires seven or more Lifetime Wishes based on whether or not I move spouses in before moving family Sims out with them. I think that it boils down to tl;dr Raeyn is a masochist when it comes to milking her Sims for the most possible Legacy points.

Anyways, I should go… something something.


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