Bumbling Along

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img_20161018_202210759_hdrIt’s been a day of like, daying. Knitting happened, work happened, and gaming happen. I mean like, it was productive and all that. I got a good chunk of work processed, which was pleasing. I keep telling myself that this is the week that I am going to get caught up, and it might well be.

img_20161018_171703236One of today’s game-y things was trying the demo of Pokémon Sun/Moon. I wasn’t going to, but then I remembered you got a free Pokémon out of it. I’ve only seen Pokémon XYZ in passing, but I’ve seen enough to understand the significance of Ash-Greninja, and why it’s a good freebie. But then, I’m a sucker for a freebie, so yanno, this whole year has been great for me as far as my long-term Pokémon addiction has been concerned.

Anyhoos, I should probably go make myself do some knitting. Oh yeah, I took a bath too, so I’m fresh and clean, but I’m pretty freaking wiped. Woo, cripple life. ¬¬


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