Dinner is Served

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img_20161016_202354047Why yes, that is a large bowl of strawberry ice cream. We were out for a party for one of Smallhausen’s friends at lunchtime, so we all had a hot lunch then. When we were at the grocery store yesterday I was reminded of my desire for strawberry ice cream, so voila. I might well have another bowl, yanno, seeing how it’s both my dinner and my dessert. *whistles*

img_20161016_120230854 img_20161016_122601779But yes, party time, excellent. It was a bowling party, which made me smile. Enjoyment of bowling aside (not that I got to bowl), it’s a very growing up sort of party. I presumed it was going to be at the play centre attached to the alley. It was Smallhausen’s first time bowling, and she was doing a pretty good job all told. We’re definitely inclined to take her again sometime, just the three of us. Yes, that cute little chip-muncher to the right? We’ll let her have some quality time with her grandparents instead. Everyone wins that way.

Past that, doing the whole knitting/sewing thing:


Yes, the cat scarf thingie is done! I’m very happy with how it’s come out, and I can only hope that the intended recipient likes it. And on the right is the progress on the toy so far. I’m amused at how much filler one can cram in and it not feel like enough. I think it’s stuffed as full as possible, but I’m not sure either. It’s probably fine, and the pattern comes with a little reminder to not over-stuff it. To which I immediately reach over and put more stuffing in. Oh well!

Anyways, back to that.


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