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img_20161015_170519Knitting! Cats! Meow! I’ve finished the little cat set thingie that I wanted to make. Well, almost. I still need to put the buttons on the scarf, maybe run them through the wash with fabric softener before that, but still. I’m quite pleased. I can only hope that the intended recipients like my efforts.

Now, I’m not any sort of expert at embroidery. I have friends who are simply amazing. Like, one of my old buddies from my Wheel of Time days does it by hand and like, you’d think someone did it with a machine, or like, a factory machine did it. Still, I like to think that what I’ve done makes the point. I should add that the face on the cat-scarf looks a lot smilier in person. As for the ears on the hat… that was sort of a lick and a guess as to what the right dimensions would be. Still, yay. It’s nice to know that I can freehand ideas into actual things.

img_20161015_200736551For now, I’m doing a toy kit from Let’s Knit magazine. I had a couple of false starts on it because it starts out really small and the spirals out; while that’s easy enough in crochet, it’s a bit of a bother in knitting. But still, it should be on the whole a fast knit, and that’ll be nice. I have been letting the kits build up, so working through them and having small gifts to chuck at people… *steeples fingers* Excellent.

It also gives me time to think about what I want to knit with existing stash stuff. As I said the other night, I didn’t have any real luck flogging the wool I got from K onwards. I’m not complaining; I am thinking that it might be a blogging series for Digitalglitch… if I ever get back on the ball blogging there. It’s been hard ’cause time keeps passing, and really, I just need to sit down and start fresh there. Maybe if I keep thinking about it, it will happen.

For now, I’ve got some pre-writing to do for tomorrow (we’ve got a birthday party to go to), so I’m going to try to focus on that.


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