There and Back Again

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We went kitten a-visiting, and yeah… I think we’re going to end up adopting two of them. We’ve reserved one, and told the foster mum we were 80% on having a second. We’ve talked about it with the kids, and they understand that will mean a bit less money for treats — and they’re okay with that. They both presented cogent arguments to the pro when prompted, so yeah. Pretty chuffed.

The only downside is realising that I am really not doing well at being in a moving vehicle. I felt really ill most of the way back, which I couldn’t really pin to any reason. Z was accepting of the fact I needed the car cold to keep me from physical exertion of the most unpleasant kind, though he was definitely feeling the chill. I’m hoping that a big factor of the problem was that I’d not had any lunch. Sounds sort of counter-intuitive if I was feeling spinny and a bit queasy, but would have meant energy in my body to counteract it. Or something.

Oh, and I guess I’m annoyed that my Switch Lite didn’t arrive. The games I ordered did, but no console in the box. It was on the packing sheet, so Z put in a help ticket with the place we ordered from. It’s a site we trust and use regularly, so we are not worried about things being resolved satisfactorily… but man, I was looking forward to whacking it on charge for later before we went out. Ah well.

That’s about it. Kids had a good first day back, but being kids, they had no comment to pass other than ‘it was fine’. So it goes.


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