Up, Out, Forward, Etc

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Another day, and another day closer to normal ops. Which is to say, the children are back at school tomorrow, hallelujah! *laughs* Naw, they’re excellent humans, but I relish having less people near me. Likewise, Z will be going into the office more now that we have an office manager to train up, so yeah. It’s gonna be su-wheeet.

I can’t remember if I mentioned, but I actually get to see an audiologist next month, instead of June. It came with orders to make sure my ears were free of wax, so getting the ol’ olive oil down the one that apparently is gross. Yeah, we also picked up one of the bluetooth camera devices, because science is fun. I find it really ironic that the ear I’m having hearing issues with is rather clear, while the other one looks manky. But I’ll get it sorted out. With science.

Anyhoos, time to chase the smaller one to bed.


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