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I realised that I hadn’t posted a picture of Poison recently, so here, rectifying that. She’s slimmed down quite a bit lately, and while she seems to be completely fine and normal, we do fret a tiny bit. It’s only natural, after losing Batman earlier this year.

I have not been feeling my best today. I’m guessing that between starting on a new med and having such an early start yesterday that it kind of slammed a bit of a rebound on me. So it sometimes goes. At least I finished the pattern I was designing, so that’s at least one thing progressed amongst a bunch of just, not. *chuckles*

Anyways. Need to decide what I’m going to work on this evening. I’m leaning towards crochet, of all the things. We had a client meeting yesterday, and it ended up with me and the woman of the pair trying to teach each other bits; she’s also a left-handed yarn user. She was showing me how to do the foundation row trick, which I *think* I’ve gotten my head around after some Science™® yesterday. I showed her the rudiments of left-handed knitting, which she was going to take back to Youtube and get her head around it. I’m sure our paths will cross again, and she seemed like the brand of crafter who would get-shizz-done. My crochet would just be adding to my current granny square blanket on the go, but that’s still edifying work.


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