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A couple of years back, birds managed to seed our garden planter with blackberries. And, finally, berries are berrying! I’m really excited about it, because I love picking fresh blackberries. And I’m not really equipped spoonwise to do it on a walk along the old rail tracks, or up in the sand hills. So I wn’t get as much as if I’d hit up those places, but yanno, some fresh at my doorstep. Neat, amirite.

My appointment with the diabetic nurse this morning went well enough. She’s not worried about me tracking anything, or starting on statins for my reputed high cholesterol; she’s happy for me to start on Metformin and see how things are going in a few months. I celebrated by having more sugar than I’d in a few days, ha ha. It’s fine, really. I’m not going to fall into hold habits now that we’re developing new ones, but it was lovely to have a chocolate éclair for the first time in a month.

Anyhoos, back to looking at colours, maybe some knitting, definitely some gaming.


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