Double Your Pleasure

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Both of the kittens were on the desk at the back window, so I scooped them up for a moment, because I could. They didn’t tolerate it for that long, but Z managed to get a picture that sums up the entire experience. *chuckles*

Z and Smaller went to Hatters in town yesterday with Mum. Why? To pick out a bed for Smaller’s new room. Yeah, the kids decided that they wanted their own space, and Smaller is quite fine with the smaller bedroom (insert rimshot here). I’ll miss the terrible old mattress that will go when the new comes; it was great if my back was being stupid, or I was having trouble sleeping.

Ideally, we would have had both rooms fully decluttered before this happened, but. The small bedroom -was- done, and the extra space from Smaller having moved out should make it more likely that we can get properly stuck into sorting out the stuff in the bigger bedroom. I’ll tell myself that, anyways. 🙂


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