And Raven Too

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For all that their foster mum said Raven was the bold one, and Vivi the reserved one, it seems like it’s been a smidge the opposite. But also, not? I guess it’s easier for me to find Vivi doing silly things, while Raven is a bit less frenetic. He’s still a fun and funny handsome boy though, and look at those come hither eyes. 😀

Nothing much past that, really. Poking around in Winstitch and trying to make some decisions about smols. Some of the flags would work better as hearts rather than flags, for example — but not all would work better as hearts. I would like a degree of homogeny, but I would also like flags like aroace and genderfluid to be more than 8×5. I can put that into a 10×10 heart that fits nicely, but like, four stripe flags? Not so much. I might just have to accept that there’s going to be a mix if I want to have a wide degree of representation.

Anyhoos, time to get childling to bed, etc.


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