Sparkle Sparkle

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I know, I know, I’m always cooing over my slowly silvering hair. But it looks so pretty, how can I not.

Not been up to a lot of anything today, which is lovely. I finally made it to the rib on the ‘cursed sock’, as Mum referred to it. I mean, ouch, true. I can’t remember the last time I made so many mistakes. I commented that it’s probably a statement on my mental state. I mean, I’m keeping afloat, but being trapped at home in a serious way does wear on a soul. I’m only sliiiiiiiightly comforted by studies saying the chance of Long Covid after vaccination is lower… but I don’t know that I deem it low enough. It’s frustrating, but yanno… gotta do what’s right for me, even if it IS frustrating.

Anyhoo, back to McRibbing. Yup, lulz.


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