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I made a point to strip out some old listings in my Etsy shop, and to chop the beads and findings free to reuse. Well, not the headpins, and some of the lobster clasps have oxidised slightly. They shouldn’t’ve, ’cause they were in a dry dark container, but *anyways*. I’ll sort the beads in a bit, then I have something to slightly restring. Of course, all of this means I’m taking a slightly extended break from finishing my sock… well. I might well pull it off tonight. I’ve only got five rows to go and needed a change of pace so my shoulder kept freezing up… yes self, rationalise. *grins*

Past that, just sort of bead shopping, with a degree of hand-slapping. It’s easy to start loading up a basket with semi-precious goodies, which is mildly hilarious to me because the thing I was mainly looking for was like… coloured glass. Which I think I just found, heh. But I don’t think they’re going to work for what I had in the back of my head, alas.

Anyhoos, onward to things!


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