Edge of the Woods

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I’m nearly free of the heel flap, and all the mistakes I’ve made. Like… mistakes I should not have made. Having said that, another one of my friends is in a similar place on her sock knitting, and has also been having ridiculous errors, so I declare that it must be The Season of the Witch (if you don’t know the song, then go google it — is good!).

Past that, just bobbling through yet another Sims 3 legacy, while trying to decide what else sounds interesting. I had been poking at Anno 1404, then decided I’d circle back to Anno 2070… which doesn’t work for reasons that aren’t just me. So I’ve got Anno 2205 installed to poke at instead. You know, for two seconds before my attention wanders again.

Oh, and I did a bit more Esty shop maintenance. I dropped some more prices. I set all listings to manual renewal; this’ll force me to weed out things that aren’t selling and recover the materials to use elsewhere. So that’ll be good. Very lightly mulling on patterning//starting doing the orange myself… but getting through this damnable heel first, obviously. 🙂


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