Happy Disaster

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My desk is quite a mess right now. But that’s okay — I’m in the creative process. If it were just like, standing clutter, that would be a slap my hand, ’cause I’ve been doing so well keeping things tidy. But stuff is being made, and recorded, and processed, and well. Party.

Also party is that I’ve set up some of the shell stuff for a second shop I’m thinking of opening. I’ve got the store loosely made, and the relevant FB page as well, but as said — all preliminary. I have area considerations to make here in ‘my’ half of the lounge, such as where to set up the space for crafting things for that venture. It’s going to be the table behind me that is mainly clear, and will be fully clear once the a/c goes back into the cupboard for the year (until the Christmas tree goes up, but that doesn’t necessarily take all the spaceĀ either). We’ll see how it goes. I said to Z that one of the steps I need to take before moving forward is figuring out where I’m storing the relevant materials, which he gave an enthusiastic nod to. *grins*

Right, I’m off. Have a goodun!


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