Berry Surprised

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So, we’ve had some weedy strawberries bed themselves in a year or two ago, compliments of the birds. Well, the brambles are finally spitting out some berries too. So that’s pleasing. Z brought one in for me when he came in from a bit of gardening, which made me smile. It was super tart, but like… ours.

I had some coloured wire come in today, which made me want to keep making more stitch markers. I’d bought coloured wire with the intent to wire wrap and make my own jump rings, which, easy peasy. But I’m out of the glue I was using, and won’t have more until tomorrow… so rude. I keep occasionally giving it a squeeze to see if I can get another drop out of it, but alas. I’ll just have to leave things as-is and a bit (annoyingly) cluttered until the replacement comes in tomorrow.

*drums fingers* Right, back to other things.


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