Begin Again

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A picture of the yarn after I pulled it out yesterday. I’ve now completed the toe again, so yanno, off to a good start. I also managed to, I think, successfully repair one of my fixed cable needles that broke last night. The cord came loose, so I applied some super glue before tucking it back into its needle. I’ve given it a couple of good tugs and it seems like it’s holding, so. At least it wasn’t one of the small nine inch ones I do the bulk of the work on. I’ve got two in the same size, but still.

Past that, not really done much today. Mainly been applying myself to Evil Genius 2; I am determined to get my first full playthrough going. I’m working through the side quests right now, which, much like doing all the research upfront, means that things are a bit draggy. Still.

Anyways, back to doing those things, and hoping to hear more weather. We had a single peal of thunder earlier, which got me excited for more. Alas, more hasn’t been forthcoming. Oh well.


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