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I decided to take a wee stroll through Mum’s garden this afternoon; it had been awhile since my last one, and it always brings me joy. I took quite a few pictures, but I especially liked this one. The tree in the front is actually just bare tree, but it almost looks like the buddleia behind it is part of it. Anyways, it amused me, so here ya go.

Less amusing is the need to pull my sock waaaaaaay back. Like, I’m annoyed enough I intend to restart it from scratch; I just have to finish triple and quadruple checking my math. Basically, I cocked up on a key calculation at the start and the sock is several inches too long. I tried to convince myself it was fine, but no. It’s really not. *laughs* It’s now been frogged and rewound the ‘wrong’ way… will wind it back the other way in a few, and start again. It might seem eXtreme, but I feel happier approaching it this way.


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