On a Stick

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Smalls and I randomly got on the subject of food on a stick earlier; they were surprised to realise they had had food on a stick. Um, ice cream? But, bless ’em, they were thinking of like, a scoop of ice cream on a stick rather than an ice lolly. It was cute.

But also, I’m amused how this pattern is coming up just like some sort of candy or ice cream. Plus yanno, I needed to measure it, and needed a photo for tonight, so… yeah.

Past that, we did the Ender Dragon earlier. Z died a few times; he commented to me that the rest of us seemed to know what we were doing, and didn’t help him when he asked for it. I apologised; I didn’t hear him because I was focused on other things. Hopefully the next dragon run will go more smoothly. Our first opened portal goes to like… nowhere. I mean, I can see other islands with stuff in potentially crossable range, but anyways. Might look at it again later tonight, might not. At the least, I want to make an effort to replace the two bits of gear that Z lost on our run.

Right, gonna go. Laters!


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